Begin to wonder what a hell this could be
Livin it without you would be the devil in me
Easy to imagine I don't want to believe
I would be a freak of nature if You weren't here in me

I see the darkness in the day I feel the cold in the night
I hear the whisper in my ear trying to tell me everything's alright
It's hard enough just thinking up a place where I give You up
It's clear to me that I'd be here

Without you within me
Right in the wrong
No doubt where I would be
If you were gone
Without you around me
I'd lose my mind
But now you have found me
And freedom's mine

As I look around me in the world in my head
I don't wanna go there I would rather be dead
Then I get to thinking what a hell this would mean
But I never need to go there 'cos You've already been

So as I open up my eyes I'm thinking what do I do
I leave behind this empty world and turn my head to the truth
It's good enough just thinking of a place where I'll be with you
And after all one thing I know... (without you within me...)
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Without You Within Me Lyrics

The Band With No Name – Without You Within Me Lyrics