Between the fissures in the surface
Beyond it's cracks and flaws
Between these hollows hides the light
A realm's to regain
So try to walk between the worlds
The gates will be revealed
By oak and ash and thorn we'll meet
And your journey's just begun

Down, down the tree
Into the hollow hills
Down, down we're passing the gate
Of Annwn

Beyond the creak of all your thinking
Between it's hiss and moan
Beyond these whispers shines the silence
A world's to retain
So may the old ones bless your voyage
To the centre of it all
Your quest for calm when will it end
It's time for coming home

Between the cracks and flaws
Between all moans and hisses
Blessed are the sacred ways
Blessed are the sacred sidhe
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Immrama Lyrics

Thanateros – Immrama Lyrics