I am the fire of the earth
The fertile ground below
I am the cool refreshing rain
The wind that softly blows
Bound to the silver of the moon
We're bound to the shades of night
Great Diana knows our names - She takes us away

Feel the sacred flame inside
(We fly with the clouds)
We are the heirs to all the world
See the hidden light inside
(We ride the wind)
The heirs to those who passed in flames

I run with the howling wolves at night
Swim on the salmon's back
And with the sacred cranes I fly
Towards a better day
Bound to the spinning wheel of life
We're bound by nature's grace
Great goddesses you call our names
And take us away

Close your eyes - Fall asleep
See the secret flame - The hidden light
Deeper and deeper - We're falling now
A different world beyond to see - To see

I am the fire in your head
The river of your thoughts
On vanities rushing stream
I ride like pure white foam
Bound to the turning tides we are
Bound to the changing winds
Oh mother earth you know the names - Take us away
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Benendanti Lyrics

Thanateros – Benendanti Lyrics