10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Drop it.

Wow, look at all these women I'mma have a blast here
Cause all of 'em know that I made a lot of money last year
So that means that you got to really bounce, bounce that ass dear
Then, maybe, later, you can get in a position, of a pap smear
Stripping's at a all time high
If it's based on the amount of dollars that fall, I'm why
And the ladies, they love me cause I ain't no small time guy
So we up in the strip club and a chick just caught N9ne's eye (Go)
Mayne this chick got a big butt stainless, and this rump that'll make a brother get up
Frame is thick with her ripped gut, strangest thang it jumps I'mma give her hella big bucks
In this thang, when it swang
Steady steppin' up my spin it game
After the spot they wanna go bang with 120 minute mayne
Her beautiful face, insane, and yes, her thighs are gleamin'
And it's spiritual cause her booty'll exorcise the demons,
Hey look at that Bernice Burgos, with that humpin' back, And when she do that dance, ooo that booty doing jumpin jax

(Oh) oh she gotta a body with a humpin' back
Lookin like a workout student doing jumpin' jax, (oh)
Baby girl, that trunk gotta lotta junk in that, (oh)
Ain't it funny how much money I'mma dump in that, (oh)
Jumpin' jax, jumpin' jax, booties bouncing like (x3)
Ain't it funny how much money I'mma dump in that.

The way she move it seems a little bit appalling
Could put 'em on the poles
They got that feeling ? and floss 'em
Lose 'em like a (pose?)
You get 'em in the back wall, in the cut
Pin me down, line 'em up
Work it 'til my time is up
This is how I creep (Stevie Stone)
Felling on my cup cup
? on the ground
And the vibe done changed since they came round
I got another Goose and the Henny and the Crown
And they bouncing off the walls got them jumping all around
I swear I love your energy, you gon be a friend to me
Your friend can meet my friends and we be friends right now right now
Want you to watch your back, Jumpin' Jack
If ya see it, cabbage patch
Baby ain't got a problem wit' it
Did it well and made it clap
Tail end down to boogie, climb up on me, sukie sukie
Cool, I'm gone spend a little dough, she gone let a nigga know the way she grinding nookie
Got them (talking?) to themself cause I know deep down that I wan' get a taste
Got a perrr lil face
Got shit in the hip
To the front and the back and a little bit a waist
Your thighs ? let me slide inside of them
Them things excite a lot of men
Girl you look good you make me say

I wanna see if your tight enough
See if any one of them is good enough for me to try to
Hide em up, Divide 'em up
She delic' and sweet, put her between my teeth and
Bite her muff
I'm looking them, thick strippers a big tipper
I will, de-liver the big dipper
Can Can, been ? sinner
? that
That booty bouncing, bo-bouncing
Like she doing a dribbling dance
I like 'em with so many stretch marks like she wearing some coloroid pants
So if you got that "va voom" have ? and bring it to me
I'm giving out Loonie Toonies
And lookin' for the pimples on the booty
I want you to strip it down like im looking for contraband, I'm the man
Hit the ground, dirty birdy, put that head in the sand
Frequently go to the booty house
We go cuckoo when the booty out
And you, would too, if you knew about
What they, would do, when the money out, hey!
So I'm giving all my cheques and I'm expecting
More than just a kiss and I ain't talking 'bout a peck and
We'll have lots of fun and you can come if you get beckoned
The booty bouncing like jumpin jax looking well I (reckon?)
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Jumpin' Jax Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Jumpin' Jax Lyrics