From the beginning nigga..
Its all Jesus.. Jeah..
Tech N9ne!! And my nigga Macc James...
Heh heh heh heh heh heh...
Straight bringin that mizery, mizery..

Mizery when I see enemies, niggas be Kennedies [?]
Homicidal tendencies got mitch bade niggas on bended knees
Could it be that a nigga wanna bang 'cause I'm runnin with the gang that'll give a nigga pain, me and Macc James givin these bitch niggas a taste of Mizery
Give em Mizery(ry) bitches get with me (me) Got my nigga M-A-C (C) Gonna bring em mizery

I'm high, yall drunk.. I love bud.. Bout to hit em with anotha hit up out of the Mizery nigga nigga what!
My murderous niggas heard of this verb that I serve in this ssssshit.. I s***s word into the curb with this isssh (haaaf)
Mystic, might be twisted but bitch we got the shit gifted,
Mizery nigga, so what you givin me nigga,
Nothin but witchery nigga, millimeter's the killa,
Bow down to a nigga right now for the sound, hold up,
Nigga came to the club and he found us,
???? Tryin to down us,
I don't want that nigga Vell up around us..
You the Holy Temple bandit, nigga I'm a killa on candy,
Tecca Nina Ima be the omega believe I''m that
Bomb that landed on your set 'cause you call me Satan,
When I look at you I see skull chips dipped in ranch dressing, lemon chicken with a side of intestines,
Induced vomiting backwards digestion,
Torn ligaments with Ragu, garlic salt's meshin,
Enormous hole in the ozone to affect my complexion,
Frontal lobes fried in Wesson, nigga like me sick no need for no medicine.. Bishop & Keen (What!)
You betta believe you gotta leave
Before you get a couple in ya belly..
Keena better strip in a whole nother city,
Bishop keep doing songs with are. Kelly,
Mentally you niggas can't even get with me
I done lost everything but my killing spree
Macc and Tech we be hotter than hickory
Killin delivery, livin in Mizery..


(Macc james)

Kc Mizery, leave unsolved mysteries
For fuckin round wit my cheddar cheese
Betta leave these G's alone before me and my nigga tech nina
Hit ya home, split ya dome
With the 4 chrome, make a nigga face melt like the ozone
In the mind of a psycho, what goes on?
Colombian necktie with no clothes on
Murder show's on, in the K-Town
I'm the type of nigga that'll beat yo ass down
Shoot you in the face as soon as you hit the ground
Hit a nigga, split a nigga, then give you a pound
32 rounds, packin extendeds,
Crossin my niggas is not recommended,
Tempted to put you in a life long body cast
You best guard yo shit when the shotty blast
More straps than John Gotti had
So sick I sleep in a body bag,
Droppin bombs like Saudi
Had to get low in a Lac on faulty tags
Talkin trash'll get you took out
Four niggas posted just to look out
Get grips like fierce and have a cook out
Let me show you niggas what me and the crooks bout
Thievin, schemin, seein demons,
Smoke so much you kill yo semen,
Psychoactive human being
Eyes so low I look Korean,
Head steamin, funk bringin,
Old school rida gangsta leanin,
James & Tech N9ne tag teamin,
Leavin all you fags bleedin..
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Mizery Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Mizery Lyrics