What the fuck do I hear mayne?
I think some bitches comin' near mayne

"I need you to do something for me"
What's that baby?
"I don't think you can handle this"
See I can handle whatever what'sup
"I need you to just-"
"Bang out"

Eight-one-six boys!
Ain't we sick boy?

(Tech N9ne)
Here I come baby, the areola mayne
And the Hennessy got me numb like I shot my dick with novocaine

Fuck with nina if you want to cum
Ain't no slackin' in my tappin' bitch I pump for fun
Got these bad bitches at the bar and a bunch of rum
Wanna fuck tech so I guess they wanna jump the gun
They want me to bang out
That's what I do when my thang out
Then I'm gonna put it right in they mouth
Beat the poninie til one them say ouch
If they came to nina with tight cats
They into loose as a goose they pussies to ice pack
Real life jack
They can be white black
Nice fat
Just need a crevace to put my pipe at
So when we bang out baby fight back
And I'mma knock it out like my name was Young Mike 'crack! '

Told me to bang, bang, bang
Like it ain't a thang, thang, thang
"Let me say your name daddy
When I tell you to beat it up
Stand me up I wantchyu to blow that thang out
Baby can we bang out"

Told me to bang, bang, bang
Like it ain't a thang, thang, thang
"Let me say your name pappy
When you hit me holler 'don't stop it'
I want you to try to wear that thing out
Baby can we bang out"

(Krizz Kaliko)
I like them kinda girls, only two kinda girls
Good ol' big ones and big ol' good ones
Baby mama girls
Not prejudice I like the light ones white ones black as night ones
My fetish is to leave the lights on watch 'em while I pipe 'em
I been around the globe
The motherlands the motherload
And Asian girls call 'em choppies
Call me poppy
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Bang Out Lyrics

Tech N9ne – Bang Out Lyrics