[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
If my kid has a problem
It’s up to me as the guardian to go solve ‘em
Make my life and involve ‘em
Late at night when I call ‘em
I like to hear them say “daddy, your song is awesome”
Instead of “gangbangers in school won’t let up”
I’m fed up, I’m wonderin’ if you could come up and red up
You shut up, negativity can’t be found inside my angels
Even though I was stupid, but I put it down
Set trippin’, I let it go – headed for energetic flow
When I’m up to know that I was down and out
But now I’m breaded though
I know you saw me rep colors
When I was young and dumb and malicious
I’m thankful, that all my blemishes never made you suspicious
Latched on to light that’s known to hype
Apparent, you coherent knowing I rapped wrong to right
Love and positivity instilled in my kid
Their family, my family, their mother and I did
Discipline starts at home, even if they can’t stand ya
Watch ‘em, fights land, ya clock ‘em, right hand
To stop em’ – that’s a man, if you stand up, even add a camera
They won’t be James Holmes, and they won’t be Adam Lanza
Or John Malvo, I’ll flow loud for my child though
Ain’t raising no Groucho, evil out my house, yo
Instead a me watchin’ ‘em disappear in the night air
I’m at graduation sayin’ “that’s my kid right there”

[Hook: Cee-Lo Green]
I proudly claim my love
The future’s born from my own flesh and blood
All that matters this time
So my prayer is that the sun will always shine
On that sweet child of my mine

[Verse 2: Big K. Are. I. T.]
To my unborn I give my all so you could ball like I couldn’t
Stay in school and play it smooth and do those things that I wouldn’t
Pay attention, keep your distance from ignorant instances
Play an instrument, anything that you want, just envision it
Follow your dreams, no matter what may come and what may fall
‘Cause ain’t no shame in failin’ long as you know you gave your all
Stand up, man up, get a handle on yourself, tighten your belt
Do what you can to do for you and ya’ll just don’t
Do it for the wealth that they offer
It sounds awful, but if me and your mama ain’t talkin’
And she said that I ain’t offerin’ a call just as often as I should
I pray that you get older and you understand
That I was just doin’ what I could
When she left me – if you have a second I could explain
Like so many transitions in life, your people change
Whether I’m on top… or dead in a box
I love you dearly, sincerely, and that’ll never stop
For my kid…

[Hook: Cee-Lo Green]

[Verse 3: Kutt Calhoun]
Paris and Darius, Dariana, Unique, Oshay, Malik
And one on the way in a matter of weeks
But it’s a shame, ’cause I think that my other daughter ain’t mine
Andrea baby, I love you, I guess your father was blind
In due time you’ll understand it, how your mama was scandalous
Wait, this don’t seem right, man, I don’t think I can handle it
When I all I ever did was show love for you
Sweated blood for you, any moment take a slug for you
But it’s cool, the baby mama drama is expected
And that karma’s gonna be what I’ve been blessed with
Sit back and learn your lessons
As our seeds grow from kids to adolescents
Then resent you for yourself, it’s misdirection
The first to heed the message is Malik
Abandonded by his mama on Thanksgiving eve
About three years ago, was up to me to feed to him morals
Values, manhood, knowledge, a week ago he graduated
You asking? Then I’mma say…

[Hook: Cee-Lo Green]
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That's My Kid Lyrics

Tech N9ne – That's My Kid Lyrics

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