I am fighting with fire
I thnk I know the right words to say
It's so easy to not believe
When being different has changed into what I'm not anymore

But I know that I must be something new
And I know now what I'm gunna do

(Woahh Woahh)
Let me now when I am just like you
(Ahh Ahh) (Woahh Woahh)
My words and my heart have a different view
(Ahh Ahh)
Feel me on every word I say
When you decide to disobey
Fight, fight, fire with fire!

Make me smile, make me from
Whatever look will sell the most of me
Now take a picture and make it better
Let me know when I look like every other girl

Take off all my clothes so no one hears what I have to say
Tell me I'm breaking molds so my opinion doesn't get in the way

I am fighting with my fire
And if it happens to burn you well so what
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Fighting Fire With Fire Lyrics

Taylor Lee – Fighting Fire With Fire Lyrics