When I was young I thought I had a normal life
A brother, dad and mom she was a good wife
I started to notice that things just weren't the same
She would cry as I filled up with pain
It hurt me to see her consumed by all of this
Her being there is something I still miss
Dad wanted more so he tried to make it right
Everything fell apart on that very night

Here's my story
Here is my life
This is when I learn that things don't stay the same

We never knew just how he really felt
I guess he was lost in something else
I wish he wouldn't have taken his life
If only I had been there in the nick of time
To be made at him isn't really fair
It's hard to understand but even more to bare
The look on his friend's faces when they found out
Changed the way I think and what I'm about

This is the part where I know I have to change
Into what, this has made me

Everything just waits for me
I run into it I wait and see what is gunna happen next
Why is this not put to rest?
Everything is missed up now
I wanna make it better somehow
Right now I can't think straight
Listen up and...

She was my best friend someone I had trust in
It all ended like I never imagined
She was gone and I was left alone
Without her I knew thought I would move on
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Normal Life Lyrics

Taylor Lee – Normal Life Lyrics