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Smile Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Smile Lyrics

[Verse 1: Taylor Bennett]
I smile 'cause I had somewhere to sleep this morning
I smile 'cause I had something to eat this morning
I smile 'cause I got to sleep in this morning
I smile 'cause I even got to see this morning
I smile 'when my shoes got jacked yesterday
'Cause I still had socks and I still got brains
I smile when pretty chicks ain't give me a wave
'Cause they don't know who I am or who I'm gonna be
I smile when I get targeted, name calling, yeah
All of that recalling shit, like you are the man
Skip the lame shit like I'm on demand, I am the man
Tell his ass "smile fam" if he ain't want no problems
Then alright b, holla then
Money Mitch with a mind like Rico
Still somehow claim me for the people
Still smile when I see them in the street though (Go)

[Chorus: Logan Parks]
Smile (Smile)

[Verse 2: Taylor Bennett]
I smile when I pulled out that driveway
'Cause it felt like the breeze was a new summer day
I smile when that pretty girl gave me a wave
'Cause she could look at my ice and tell that I move weight
'Til I got a call 'bout an argument that had started last night
When I was hitting home girl on the ottoman
Said, "Your homeboy turnt up in the party, fam
Shots got let off and he ain't leave in no ambulance."
God damn, there it is the front page terrorist
Embarrassin' our heritage
Thick to a regimen
Searching for respected parties
Trying to be a legend living
I'm just trying to stack this money
Buy a house and raise a kid
I ain't got no time for that
All I got is confidence, I know I got confidence
But I don't know 'bout common sense
And this the kind of world I'm gon raise my son or daughter in
I got a call "Your son is born. You're officially a father, kid"

[Chorus: Logan parks]
Smile (Yeah)

[Verse 3: Taylor Bennett]
I smile when I woke up out my sleep this morning
Cause the last thought I had was who had creeped this morning
Now the last thought I had was who to beep this morning
Who to greet this morning
Who to serve heat this morning
I guess life is a'ight, light and complete this morning
I guess I could survive, die, fly, rearrange my story
I guess time easily flies by when you count down orders
In a trap house working, cause you trapped on purpose
As if your back don't hurt
Moving this weight for the groceries
Grossing less than you supposed to be
Cause you supposed to be Hercules
How you feeding a family?
You movin' blocks for the older G's
You ain't touching the quarter ki's
Cheap jackets and jewelry
You too loud, you ain't fooling me
I can tell you ain't cool with me
But you still wanna cool with me
I'm too old for this foolery
Out the game 'fore it ruins me
Now smile back if you're feelin' me, uh
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