Whoopee Mama Trk 10 Dsc 2 2:49 song 33
Tampa Red (Hudson Whittaker)
Aurora, Illinois, Oct. 11, 1937 Leland Hotel Top Floor
Tampa Red- vocal, guitar & piano, Willie Bee James - guitar
Album: The Bluebird Recordings - Tampa Red 1936 - 1938
2 Disc set RCA 07863 66722-2 1997 BMG

I've got a whoopee mama
She makes whopee all the time
I've got a whopee mama
She makes whoopee all the time
She stays full of dope and liquor
And clowns all over town

Whoopee mama
I sho' been good to you
Whoopee mama
I sho' been good to you
But I've done got tired
Of the dirty way you do

My whoopee mama
Treats me like a slave
My whoopee mama
Treats me like a slave
I goin' to buy me an army special
And put my baby in her grave

I work all the summer
An I work all the fall
But even spend the winter
In a dank of overhauls

Whoopee mama
You so unkind to me
But I'm sho' going to get you, baby
Yes, you wait and see

You told me that you loved me
An I caught you in a lie
Smile the day you quit me, mama
That's the day you'll die

Whopee mama
I'm going to mow you down
I'm goin' send your beautiful body
To some lonesome buryin' ground.

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Whoopee Mama Lyrics

Tampa Red – Whoopee Mama Lyrics

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