My Gal Is Gone Trk 1 Dsc 2 3:10 Song 24
Tampa Red (Hudon Whittaker)
Aurora, Illinois, Tues. May 4, 1937 Leland Hotel Top Floor
Tampa Red- vocal & piano, Willie Bee James - guitar
Album: The Bluebird Recordings - Tampa Red 1936 - 1938
2 Disc set RCA 07863 66722-2 1997 BMG

No one to love me
No one to care
It's mighty hard, for me to bear
This seem to be my last affair
My gal is gone

Just as sho' as the sun shine
Up in the skies above
Why you cannot be happy
When you ain't wit' the one you love

Now, I'm as lonesome as can be
Nothing else to live for, as I can see
My happiness is misery
My gal is gone

Baby, baby, baby
Please come back to me
If I been a bad fella
I did not intend to be

Umm-mmm, mmm-mmm
Umm-mmm, mmm-mmm
Lord, my gal is gone

My heart is heavy an achin' so
I walk an I worry from do' to do'
But I don't feel welcome, no place I go
Lord, my gal is gone

I set a-waitin'
But I never do get no mail
I'm drifting and worrying
Just like a ship without a sail.

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My Gal Is Gone Lyrics

Tampa Red – My Gal Is Gone Lyrics

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