Yea man, I'll sm0ke wit chu y0u kn0w what I'm sayin?
I'm sayin it aint nuttin y0u kn0w what I'm sayin it aint shit t0 me
Y0u kn0w what I'm sayin it's just like I d0nt wanna be gettin high cause that shit be lookin like it be havin niggaz y0u kn0w what I'm sayin hahah d0nt believe in all that haahahaaha ha yawp
Naw man I think it's gettin tired th0 man n0 j0ke ferreal
Watchu g0t a swisha? 0r that's a philly 0r what?
Oh that's a swisha ok I mean you kn0w niggas rappin ab0ut swishaz and shit d0nt believe in all that ahahaha
Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-chaall hahahaha
You kn0w what I'm saying?
I hit it man roll it
Oh you g0t 0ne?
Alrite man lemme hit that shit

:: Verse 1::
Y0u can knock 0n my d0or
But aint n0b0dy h0me
I might be there
But I'm gone cause I'm stuck 0ff a Zone
I'm Half baked like the Guy 0n the c0uch
I d0nt get high 0n my gr0uch
S0 I puff 0n my line and be 0ut
I call my roll d0gg pick me up
Wit weed lets hit the r0ad dawg
Y0u blew up wit the h0od rat
The fuck you break the c0de f0!?
G0d damn I think that I'm high
Too much haze
But I see my gh0st pass within the blink 0f a eye
And my ghett0 niggaz kn0w h0w it feel
I sm0ke m0re than a building 0n fire
Roll m0re than the wheel
I get stuck like a car in the mudd
And bl0w my greens 0ut
And call my nigga T pain and ball us s0me buddz
And choke till I think imma cry
0h I think imma die
Naw dawg I just think that I'm High

:: T-Pain::
Shhhhh, see I aint ever sm0ke bef0re
S0 imma take tw0 hits and imma ** blo0ooww * my mind away
I never th0ught I'd be gettin High t0daaaayyyyy(hey)
N0w it's 0n me again
S0 I take an0ther pull (w0o0o0o)
We in the caddilac, fl0atin like the 0cean
Suddenly everything was m0vin in sl0w m0ti0n

:: ch0rus::
S0 I take an0ther hit
Nd try t0 relax
I'm beatin 0n my chest
Cj beatin 0n my back
S0meb0dy help me I think I'm ab0ut t0 die
But I g0t it
I g0t it
S0 I pass the blunt and it came right back t0 me
But I kn0w this sm0ke is still runnin thr0ugh me
I d0nt think imma ever 0pen my eyes
My h0meb0i said wwhhhyyyyy?
And I said cause I'm hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Dawg I think that I'm hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Dawg I feel like I'm hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
I really think that I'm hiiuhhiiiiuhhiuuhhhiiiiiii
Please stop by the store cause my mouth dry and I don ran out vow (o0 dem lil debbies got me licken my chops but I just want to drink and pow new sauce in the box maybe switch a gang a three I seen fine behinds that want to hang with me longs as I bring the weed I said cool ima ride on thooo 30 minuts later we was high in the room
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I'm Hi Lyrics

T-Pain – I'm Hi Lyrics

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