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Say The Word Lyrics

T-Pain – Say The Word Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Look at him spittin rhymes, look at him hittin dimes
Travellin' all around the word (word) word (word) uh (uh)
Look at him hit the stage, look at him rip the place
For grown women and little girls (girls) girls (girls) uh (uh)
But at the same time he's doing the same thang
Remember 05, well this the same Pain
But everytime the rap game go down the drain
The Louis Vutton jewelry box allowing him to change range
I'm here to change things but they don't like diversity
Until they ask to let somebody write a verse for me
But I say hell naw
F*ck them n*ggas and they bins tell em I don't see em like Patti Labelle draws
I wanna make a living and n*ggas want me buried
So I told Dex to put me in the pet cemetery
So I can come back out of the dirt and truly thank him
And tell em how Jesus introduced me to Ben Franklin

(Preacher preaches)
You bascially impowered
Most of us that have it
The holy goal with no man has ever gone before
Yeah, yeeah he has giving us a stiff
And the average human being does not care

[Verse 2:]
How hard is it to make it? And ya f*ckin respect it
It seems like you just get in this sh*t to get rejected (your outta here!)
And in some cases I done caught my damn self
Hating on another n*gga just because he getting sweaty
Uh, this sh*t is hard as it'll ever get
It's like waiting to f*ck a girl that you'll never hit
And everytime you walk out the bitter with blue balls
Then go and waste your money on making your Chevy too tall
Damn, the life I live is full of public secrets
And I'm the blame even if they didn't f*ckin see it
A modern day Frederick Douglas how can you beleive it
Like Sadatay, Pootie Tang use the belt to beat it
Man, if you wanna lose then n*gga go ‘head
But ain't nobody ever goin say Pain got a swoll head
Unless I'm in the dressing room getting me some slow head
F*cking with a seven or like seven of a co-ed's

(Preacher preaches)
... Did his own crew
Everybody wants to get his old crew rich
And then they want the other lil people never get a piece of the pie
And that can only go for the cracker, that go for you n*ggas that think that y'all big too
I understand this, that's right you n*ggas and crackers can't stand me
You n*ggas must know that I know you can't do nothing if you broke
Listen to me young people, old people too, mostly black people I'm talking to you
You can't do nothing if you broke!
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