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Watch Closer Lyrics

Sway & King Tech – Watch Closer Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don't know why niggaz wan' see
Chino XL out of the industry
Y'all from the street separate lives
These niggaz look and sound the same like the stepford wives
Give me a little time to mourn the death of Rick James
Niggaz cross the line we all know I'll name names
Stop askin Chino where you been I put holes up in ya skin
Deep star Joan's ass couldn't fill it in
Most mcs give 'em nightmares
Toy Story 2?, been buzzed for lightyears
Now I swear get dough for freakin flow
'Specially when I spit this flow the Puerto Rican hero
Now you gon' know what it always was
In Jersey different slugs bangin us in the clubs
With the blood latin kings me at the same moment sex
Knowin I'm good as good as it
Roll with me I'm blowin next watch

If you would (what) walk with me (uhuh)
I'm like you (yeah), you're like me (true)
I'll survive (uhuh) in these streets (forever)
Hold my child (uh), like I hold my heat
I'm gettin stronger as I'm older (watch closer)
And the world is gettin colder (watch closer)
I'm just tryin to get over (watch closer)
Tell me lookin over ya shoulders (watch closer)

[Verse 2]
I'm still good lookin for confrontation
Homie want a trip, I'm a travel agent
Behind my back could threaten to shoot me
Reminds me of myself before puberty
I turn on TV you on Cribs

Dumb mothafucka now I know where you live with ya kids
If we spit prepare to take loss
Tabloids like Mary Kate and Ashley weight loss
You Kate Moss with the skinny flow Chino causin panic
Dramatic mean death by accident like a mechanic
Money wanna diss me murdering minister
Money come up missin like I'm workin the register
Amateur kill me you can't manage to only heat
Whoever held out of a vicks vapor rub canister
Survivin it break in niggaz cars when their wife's still drivin it
I'm prominent I'm coming you watchin it?


[Verse 3]
Niggaz want look, like, sound
Like me and my rhymes from '93
No more hustling niggaz turn feds
You think I beef with rock steady how I be breakin crazy legs
Had time a back in the days now we weren't still
My success I can't even duplicate it like Lauryn Hill's
Collossus, puttin out ya lights like I'm Amish
I promise, I'm dangerous as the West Nile Virus
I seen niggaz killed, I been locked up
Benchin 500 lbs I stay rocked up
Now I'm was sup until my time's up
You niggaz rhyme suspect you pointed out in line ups
Chino the historic lyricist
Mel Gibson made Passion of the Christ without my sample clearances
It's serious, the games is over
The hungriest rapper ever to live's comin
(Can you hear it?) Watch Closer

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