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Juice, Part 2 Lyrics

Sway & King Tech – Juice, Part 2 Lyrics

F/ Juice

Yo it's really kinda funny mc Juice is my name
I'm fin to kick some stuff about the phony rappers in the game
I'm at the you. I. C. Pavillion wearing mc Juice medallions
Brazilian or Sicilian rip apart they whole battalion
These playalistic rappers fall prey to Juice the infamous
Versace wearing niggas always trying to be some pimps in this biz
And record labels sign the most unpresentable
Clicks that go platinum for grabbin' on they genital
And every single day why brothers die up in my mix
All they ever rap about is Alize and fucking
And I guess it really knows on the mic how I do it
Everybody know I got the microphone in the fluid
Brothers know on the mic I got the timin'
You really think you're rhymin', 'cause Billboard charts say ya' climbin'
I ain't saying no names, but why you biting his style?
Had these niggas laying in the casket with ya' Cristal
And all the record buyers y'all be making music choices
So why you be believing all these playalistic voices
It's all the same the Big Willy wack the unoriginal
Got the whole world like believing y'all some criminals
Before them record deals they was broke and you can check it
'Cause true players don't be having no time for making records or no videos
They to busy hustling in the zone
And if you got so much loot, put out yo' records on yo' own
And all this East vs. West rap mess need to stop
Acting like some little shorties ain't nobody getting props
'Cause if you was, they wouldn't have to diss no other state no other crew
No other click to put some food up on ya' plate
I be like point blank this whole freakin' industry is wack
But this brother from the Go gon' bring that lyricism back
And a lot of y'all may not like the way I'm gettin' loose
So whoever wanna battle bring that mess to the Juice
'Cause I rock the microphone and everybody know I battle right
Watch me fly the mic and rip this mother via satellite
Ain't no pimpin' me I freestyle and show no impathy
Marley shoulda been the fifth nigga on the symphony
Couldn't say the N word but I'ma have to spark it
Mc Juice is dope Monopoly let's free park it
I'll go around the board on the mic I'm just advancin'
In the game of Monopoly they don't got a chance in
I es mc's who wanna be hard, rappers need a rap get out of jail free card
And then when they done they be layin' in the middle
I cook em' like a griddle, the Penguin and the Riddle
I don't need to cuss get beheaded Nabisco 'cause brothers get shredded
My Alzheimer's style you can't forget it
But if ya' try then I'ma have to get fly and show ya' brothers who be
Asking why I'm the number one guy
So I could pass it to the right or to the left of me
Cut off they ankles just in case they wanna step to me
Mc Juice ain't open to rebuttle who muttle
Rappers fly up in the air but get blown up like the shuttle
'Cause I mack right, attract light like photosynthesis
Rappers is wack as hell and I'ma put it in parenthesis
No pause or comma, 'cause I'ma keep you fearin' this
You gotta question mark I'm the nigga here period
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