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Juice, Part 1 Lyrics

Sway & King Tech – Juice, Part 1 Lyrics

F/ Juice

Yo, yo let's do it like this... Yo yo
To any nigga I'm the one on the poster holdin' Janet
I might just be the dopest freestyle nigga on the planet
When I rock the mic I bust it off like a gauge
I let this niggas know freestyles ain't from a page
They younger than models that be workin' for Calvin
Ask em' to freestyle it's the stuff that's on they album
Well I'ma tell em' somethin' it's time for gettin' noble-in
When I rock mics my stuff is never written
I wish a nigga would, try to come and test
What I got, I put this microphone straight through his chest
I don't care where he from, from here to Connecticut
He get shredded with etiquette, subject and a predicate
Never let it get, outta pocket when I rock it
Mc Juice plugged in like, a mother-F'in socket
I don't even gotta cuss when I bust
Turn authors to ashes and mc's to dust
Who really think they want to get meticulous and kick this rediculous
Rip microphone you can't freestyle and it's conspicuous
When I freestyle I tell mc's they can't rock me
Mc Juice is dope I bash his skull like I was Rocky
Somebody told me ever since my birth
I was the dopest nigga off of the top on planet earth
So if any brother wanna bring it to the Wake Up
Bring yo' dice, bring Cognac so we can shake up
And have a good time like J. J. Evan
Niggas are gay as Tevin, I take em' out right at eleven o'clock
Battles niggas don't rock right
I get dirtier than pit bulls inside a c*** fight
Niggas think they dope I cook they styles slow and steady like a Croc pot
They gettin' on my nerves like stupid niggas trying to c*** block
And don't try to diss me, ya' whole style whiskey
I have a nigga tipsy like he just hung with Dizzie
Gillespie, Crunch em' like Nestle, Elvis Prestley
Shook his hips but couldn't get around you don't impress me
So who's the next mc to try to flex
I'll rock microphones and always be having s**
And next time you wanna battle we can do the constitution
And call my dj for an F'in Revolution
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