The darkest veil covers the sun
Our armies march, we slay in wrath
Disciples wait for His command
The war of Faith has just begun
Your priests have failed to see the truth
We cut their heads and drink their blood
Your god is dead, we take your souls
Our Master now will rule your world

Your angels fall, we burn their wings
Our demons fly into the night
We will impale all of your saints
And spill the blood of Jesus Christ

No one can stand against our Lord
He is the Ruler of the Night
He will protect us from the Light
And kill the Christian sheep at sight
We have no mercy for the weak
We rape the women of your creed
We slay your children in their sleep
Your end in nigh, you can't resist
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Demon's Bloodwrath Lyrics

Suicidal Angels – Demon's Bloodwrath Lyrics