The frozen breath of all the damned in Hell
Fire on cross, curse will be the spell
Priest on the cross is seeing a hopeless dawn
Call your prayers to your God to save you from the Altar
Possessed warriors the armies of Hell
Undead fighters will walk all over the earth
Smoke of the boiling blood, rises in the sky
Bloody cleansing of the Christian see the preacher cry

Wandering through the darkness and destruction
Shadow of fear all around
Hopeless you're staring that nothing can be left
Knowing that Evil has no bounds
Eternal hunger for pure fresh blood
Children of the night follow the damned
I don't want to serve the cross anymore
With Satan power I'll survive the grave at any cost

Be prepared for your last breath
Time has come to live again
Rebirth of Christ no longer exists
Total destruction you can't resist

Six feet underground you are trapped and unable to move
Decapitated bodies all that you can feel
There is no way to ask for help
Six feet underground, you are buried alive
Decapitated bodies all that you can fell
There is no way to ask for help
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Armies Of Hell Lyrics

Suicidal Angels – Armies Of Hell Lyrics