The sky is dark and clouds have gathered
Today is the day of His return
Smells in the air, suffocating, so hellish
Breathe Hell's poison fumes and kneel
Feel the power coming from the underground
Evil we're ready to spread
All the Forces of Darkness, united they stand
Destruction, the will of the Undead

Darkness falling, see no light
You will not survive the night
Satan and His demons killing humans
Releasing His fury upon all men

No time to run, no place to hide
Disciples live and Christians die
Your fate was sealed the day you brought
That bastard Christ into your life

The time of wrath has come
Unleash the Beast of Death
Two thousand years of lies
Will end in bloody storms
Our Master has commanded
The sky is turning black
Your churches are on fire
Our legions will attack
Unholy fires are raging
Your souls will burn in hell
Eternal domination
In darkness we shall dwell
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Eternal Darkness Lyrics

Suicidal Angels – Eternal Darkness Lyrics