This is the alter of my downfall
Symbol of this glorious demise
Well I'm in flames and getting deeper
Contact lost is no surprise
Sitting here alone
The silence heavier than me tonight
A lost soul is found and sold again
A broken stride reborn again
Here among these gilded pages
Now it's sanctuaries one last stand

To never have to speak again
To never say your name again
To never tell another lie
Live in the honesty of the eye

Create your own defence
And keep a secret tight
Tonight, there will be no sound
In golden silence we'll be found

To never have to say goodbye
When it hurts too much to just get by
Honesty will be a glance away

We're not far, don't say anything

When all the words of the poets lie meaningless
When all the trivial delusions all lose their place
In the arms of those who wonder why
Nothing really matters

Tonight all be no sound
In silence we'll be found
A little less exaggerated
Never say goodbye,
Never tell a lie,
Never come across so jaded,
Never curse your name again,
Never take the blame again,
To never get the last word,
Everytime we've got nothin' good to say.
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Never Speak Again Lyrics

Strung Out – Never Speak Again Lyrics