The fire's growing stronger as it changes direction (Can you feel my [?])
As animals secretly wish our destruction (They watch and wait)
The city we've abandoned, burnt away in the distance (We are no one)
Like stray dogs left behind to wait for dead masters, long gone

Behold the fields of fire as they cleanse our infection (And conquer all)
Let smoke and suffocation be the peace that you offer (The lonely one)
And California dreamers and skeletons wander (In lithium)
Like gasoline and crucifix, Roman candles and the 4th of July

A black fire [?] we dance, we pay
The [?] drown out and the lovers pray
The sun is gone and the moon is high
The ones who lead and the ones who have died
[?] gone away
This black I feel [?]
No words are left, forbidden song
About how we live and we die alone
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Requiem Lyrics

Strung Out – Requiem Lyrics