The wind is shifting, somethings different in the air.
I see it in the form of choices every where
And I've been asleep a lifetime just to wake in time to find...
The voice that has been speaking for me is no voice of mine!
Now you've just been spoken for!
Now you've just been sold!
My eyes fixated on the life I left behind,
A puppet dreams of being human
Every time that a string gets pulled before you know, your dancin' to the lie
Of someone elses vision of the perfect waisted life.........

Its in the way we never seem to get it right!
A systematic form of bowin down and under,
And all we know is what we are, without the faith in who we are
Soo desperate......

Somethin' here has gotta give and my instincts fill me with this dread,
That I've become what I'm tryin' to kill, that my appetite is my free will.........
There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only that is forever gone!
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No Voice Of Mine Lyrics

Strung Out – No Voice Of Mine Lyrics