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Pursuit Of Happiness (Interlude) Lyrics

Stract – Pursuit Of Happiness (Interlude) Lyrics

[Verse: Stract]
They say that time is the best medicine
But then again, this impediment
Settled in myself and I'm a mess again
It never ends, I'm dancing with the devil and I'm severing
Every stone thrown and reinvent them as my regimen
I fell again, it's hell again, I'm sinking even deeper
Mama said it's in my head again, I think that I believe her
Cause I'm living in a nightmare
I need to spread the light where
My demons set aside their
Curse on me so I share
Our stories of the glory and wisdom that we felt
From crying on the floor and wishing to be held
To finding open doors on a mission to be dealt
A better hand in life, no strife, just being well
And now we write rhymes, in time, our fate will
Tell us where we're headed, I'm climbing today still
I'm guessing this is heaven if I escaped hell
I spill my soul into the poems, I'm hoping that they sell
And I'm gone
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