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The Power Of The Head Lyrics

Stice – The Power Of The Head Lyrics

Good gravy my right hand just beats me off around the clock
While my left fist he beats the wall
Pounding beats out left and right
And just in case you copy cats think this is fun: brava
I kill for peace
No gravy to keep traitors graves engaged
No lotion too wet to keep the bats in my cave
The floating head will not suffice in scaring off need for sauce
Aka peanut butter mother fuckers do not pay for sex
Good food, good bowl my graves a bowl now heres what happens next:

1 you should focus on the power of the head
2 you should wear a hat with flowers on the end of it
3 grow the grass with gasoline foot light a match
4 fight a dog remember spotty dog not your friend
5 flaming river has me sweating from my every gland
6 knot is twisting twisting twisting twisting
7 come inside my house and make a tall demand
8 hammer hammer
9 flaggy down the man mask the hole with perfume picture semen in my mouth the tomb and then
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