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Bog Body Lyrics

Stice – Bog Body Lyrics

3k turns in ye old swamp
Rise up you slime and get fucked ick
Invent a word for how it looks
To have your bones turn liquid yuck
Heres another bog question
Whats that smell it really reeks man
1000 year old dog shit
For fucks sake mate sort that mess right out

When a boggy body gets around
The slime lines a town
Uhuh uhuh picture it with me
Whats he drawing with his feat, the peat
A grubby nose that leaks
A grimy snail paints this piece
Its a portrait of me
Done in slime relief
Talented very very very very very nice job bog
Heres a big big jug
Of our best grog froth
Do you like it?
Take a tempid moth and vivisect it wrong
Heavy gestate
And yet heavenly song
Seven stones
Sacrifice a cow
Now turn around
And don't freak out man

From that bog there was a man
And from that man there was a mouth
And from that mouth there was a sound
And that sound was like

"somebody murdered me
Struck in the muck
I was so young'

Honestly I made a big mistake oh god
But its probably way too late to stop
Nothing is safe, sacred, saintly
Resurrect and just go!
He say "not so fast
Gimme that staff
I got a joke
And it'll make you laugh:
Whats got no bones
Is really gross
And wants to come inside you?
Give up? "
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