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FUFDJ Lyrics

Stice – FUFDJ Lyrics

Jockey ate the forehead water
But the disc was wrong
So much for the machine
But so little for the shitty mod
Carpet demon
Comfort women
Crime of creamy rod
Disc one
Disc two thousand
Disc three million
Disc fourth come the planet singing to the tablet
I was made to fuck the masses
I can make a good thing trashy
I'm the asshole
In the castle

Disc one argues theres no future
One second one second
I love you but your head is pointed
Bang the wall and straight up now your face is flattened
Smooth it out or build it up
But pierce the brain under the scalp
Laughing so hard that the phlegm descends
And I love you but your maps a mess
Seemingly you risk the look to eat the water tablet book
And Bumpy likes the way I fuck it

Disc two in the water tablet lectures to the jaw
And your head was so non-conical after you hit the wall
And I love it but you fuck me when I'm still 10 castles tall
Thine pointed head inserts dick best
Willingly you lie on me or clean the carpet
Forging on the crust it sucks that I remember
Screaming at the toppy head “I can't hear you
I don't like you
I don't like what you do
Ill kill you and your forty night pole if you want me to”
Do it right or do it left
Now please insert the third disc next

Conehead points to heaven
And your dick it points to hell
Whats the point of eating water tablet
It makes us feel unwell
Forehead suck the piston engine
Meaning nothing else is real
Forcing all the double inchers right into the castles castles
Right into the castles castles

Disc four whats the argument for looking at the spot
Man I'm never really over it
Never fucking crash
Oh I remember I remember
Snapping too hard breaks the fingers
I remember I remember
What the fuck was I just thinking

When I'm near the disc machine I get an itch inside me
If I scratch it then I'm one less rash away from heaven
In the club I hear my favorite disc the one I ruined
I just killed another banger
What if that's the last dick jockey just in case lets play it faster
Bitches hear their favorite track
They like the way I'm raw they like the
Foreskin of the arm pulled back
I'm on my back I'm on my back
Gallop and gallop back
Fuck you fucking disc jockeys you make me want to skip the track
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