I'm back again
Yes I'm back again
What did you see
Where have you been

Out on highway number 41
Where the land gets dry
Nothin but rocks and a long hot road,
Under hazy blue skies
Well there's a place I know where
Times goes slow
People don't stop there no more
And you can sit right down and
Watch the world
Go rollin by your door.


I worked on the land way out west
I've dug for diamonds and gold
On a fishing boat, down along the coast.
But I couldn't get used to the cold
I've been to and from that old town
Ever since I was ten
But every place that I've found
Makes me wanna go back again


There was a time when I thought
There was nothing I couldn't take
So I packed my bags never to return
Gonna be the final break
I was doin O. K. But then one day
I came across a great north wind
It picked me up and turned me around
And blew me back again.

Chorus twice
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Back Again Lyrics

Stars – Back Again Lyrics