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Paradise Lyrics

Stars – Paradise Lyrics

Books and schooling never did very much for me
Soul searching questions whose
Answers I could never see
Long winded madness spoken in
Reverant tone
Glad I got out of there while my
Mind was still my own

Factory labour just ain't my cup of tea
Left me colder than the heart
Of that landlord who came after me
Put me on the street
With nothin but my feet
To get me out of there
And start it all again complete

Paradise oh Paradise
Come to me
Take me from this world
Of mice
Set me free

Summer's gone and the streets are turning cold
Nothin but hard times, all the good times
They have been rolled
But it don't bother me
I got two eyes and I can see
The light in the distance
And it's spelt with a capital "P"
For Paradise oh Paradise

Chorus twice

Everyman's dream Every man's dream
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