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Let's Get Moving Lyrics

Stars – Let's Get Moving Lyrics

Little Joe was my right arm
But on our last bank job he blew the alarm
The boy was cunning, kept on runnin'
Sure hope he don't come to no harm
But the fire was hot there were traps on his tail
He was off like a shot while t got burned with no bail
Now I'm sitting here, until he gets back
To get me outa this jail

Didn't take long before l heard
That something pretty big had occurred
Shots were ringin', guns were singin'
I just waited till I got the word
The fire was hot when they broke down the door
Ran down the street thought we were goners for sure
But when we got out I let out a shout
Could've almost gone back for


Come on boy let's get movin
We're on the run
Forget your farms and your families
Bring your boots and your gun
But the fire was hot I knew we had to go
And find a place just to lay low
Some little town where we could walk around
And the people wouldn't even know

Life's pretty good up here on the range
Goes pretty slow without much change
Days are sunny, we still got money
But last night I heard something strange
There was a man in town and his name was bait
Pardon in his hand if we'd all go straight
But I've lived enough days without
Workin for a wage
To know he's too damn late

Chorus twice
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