It's not hard to be an Esau
The hunger burns like acid
To corrode and erode your fight and faith
It's not hard to be a Cain
When you've got to shift the blame
And tell yourself your faults are fate

But it's an agony to live a promise
To stake your life on a hope
To trust and pray and reach but wait
When weakness is your strength
And it's in dying that you live

My name is Jacob
I know what I want and where to get it
I connive and contrive for what should be mine
And expect no one could give it
But I'm scared tonight
For the truth and I must meet
I've played my last prank; I shiver on this bank
Naked in the fig leaves of my deceit

But this is my Peniel
In the morning I'll face my past
But tonight a promise I grasp
This is my fight for faith
An angel wrestles me
That's blood on the ground you see
I'm a hard one to bless
But can I settle for something less'

What I knew, I know no more; my pride has hit the floor
But by the break of morn, Israel shall be born

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Peniel Lyrics

Spring Of Hope – Peniel Lyrics