Well, today I started thinking about who I used to be
Then Satan had to whisper that's the man he still sees
He said he saw a failure; it was hard not to agree
I've got my share of demons barking up the tree
Then he posed a little question ' and with a snicker asked
Why didn't I stop kidding myself' Did I think this change was gonna last'

But I've been washed in the blood of the Lamb
And I won't ever turn around
I've been set free from all those sins that held me bound
And though I may fail, I won't ever stop
I ain't ever gonna go back
Just in case the devil asks

Well, Satan tempts and taunts me saying, 'You'll never win
You're not good enough because of all your past sin'
And the triumph will be his if he can make me turn in
But the nature of redemption is that I've been born again


So let him ask what God has done for me
Let him ask about my life
Let him ask how bright it is to be walking in the light
Let him ask how it feels to be holding Jesus' hand
He can ask all day long, but he'll never understand

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In Case The Devil Asks Lyrics

Spring Of Hope – In Case The Devil Asks Lyrics