I would scale the walls of prison, though slick with frigid rain
To give you all my freedom; I would gladly wear your chain
But your cell is locked by a key that you hold back
I'm knocking on the door, but can you lift the latch?

Love can break a prison; a dungeon of despair
Love can save a drowning man by the strong grip of it's care
But love is only able when pride has given up
Love is only waiting for your choice to trust
Love is only waiting for your choice to trust

I'd descend into your valley and tightly grip your hand
Just to help you cross a river and reach the promised land
I'd swim into the current of all your drowning dreams
And pull you to the shore, but would it make you see...


It's a cruel path we journey; there are dragons in the way
So promise you won't yield to doubt 'cause I still hear faith say
'I can climb the highest mountain; swim the roughest sea
'I can travel burning deserts when you're standing next to me'

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Choice To Trust Lyrics

Spring Of Hope – Choice To Trust Lyrics