You know I tried to make it happen
You know I tried to make them see
But they wouldn't let it happen
No they wouldn't let it be.
So now I'll go my own way,
Just my music, Jah and me.

I'll lie down on a country road and look at all the stars
Admire these things so beautiful, and knowing in my heart
That I just can't know tomorrow
Or even where I'll be.
I'm just a speck in this universe
Sometimes it's just Jah and me.

Yeah theres times life's hurt me
Times I've said “enough”
Sorry for not appreciating
And saying thanks for your undying love

When life gets hard I look outside and
See the flowers and trees.
Watch them sway around and feel
The softness of the breeze.
Now I could never make that happen
The gentle beauty makes me feel at ease.
Whether live or dead, I know with you Jah,
You're the only one to give me peace.
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Jah And Me Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Jah And Me Lyrics