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1991 Thowed Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – 1991 Thowed Lyrics

Kick a little freestyle for them busta ass niggas
Show them niggas how, how we do in '91 you know what I'm saying
How niggas from '91 do that shit
So possessed niggas how we do you know what I'm saying
Raiders in this bitch, SGP
In this muhfucka, nigga you already know
Black, straight up black, hold that shit down
Know what I'm saying
Spit that shit right quick than a muhfucka
Just a lil' so and so don't give them too much
So these dirty ass hoes and these bitch ass niggas
How we do this shit 1991
This ain't no bubblegum ass pop rap nigga
This ain't no bullshit you hear on the radio nigga
Just let these niggas know how shit sound forreal
How real rap supposed to sound
Right right quick
Just give 'em a lil' taste of that shit

Spaceghostpurrp from 1991 back up in this motherfucker
Tryna get this fucking shit for fun
I'm the son of a motherfucking killer, OG triple OG slash drug dealer
I'm riding gangsta wrath of a killer
I'm just a mad nigga all black with a bad temper
I remember back in december when I hit that freaking bitch from the back in the damn winter
I'm a sinner, bitch fuck a sin
Real rap so you wack niggas can't
Get in the motherfucking doors of the hip hop
If a nigga try lay him down like a flip flop
Tic-toc, she fucking like a clock
Ride around she gon' pussy pop
I'm in my zone, black black roll-rolling with my skaters
Yeah, ain't no fucking with the Raiders
That's, that's, that's, that's what we muhfuckin' do
Show these niggas how real rap shit sound like
1991 yeah that's on blackland bitch, swag
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