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My Staxx Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – My Staxx Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Ima get straight to this money, Ima count my stacks
She gon give me face while I count my stacks
Niggas say I'm broke ok, so here have a stack
You think this shit a joke, then why the fuck you got no stacks

[Verse 1]
3 am up in the morning you can catch me with yo ho
Cooling like a mothafucker sippin act and counting dough
Niggas wanna know how the fuck I just be killing shit
Presidential mind state ain't got time for hittin licks
Niggas say they sellin bricks, then go ahead and sell that shit
My niggas smoke the deadliest, yea I know you smell that shit
Every city yelling purrp be on some other level shit
Band god Leonardo [?] banging on the resident


[Verse 2]
Part 2 second round nigga fuck the underground
Trynna run the industry, yea that shit was meant for me
I swear that I will rise above a fucken enemy
Prove a nigga wrong quick, cuz I know you envy me
When I'm swervin through the street these niggas gon salute me
See yo bitch eye to eye, she gon wanna do me
Lazy off this purrp I'm so fucking Ivan (uzi?)
You a bum nigga bitch, yo main ho a groupie

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