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L.L.D.F (Long Live Da Funk) Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – L.L.D.F (Long Live Da Funk) Lyrics

Chillin' in the back
My [?] to attack the stacks I rack
To the skies stay fly
G's keep it G
I'm on DVD no [?]
It's the boss in me
Coming down hard with the beautiful slugs, shawty on drugs
And you know she fucked the plug, because
I got Xans, I got the prometh'
[?] purple in her breath, I step
Enter the center as the part as I enter
And make her remember that line
The funkiest nigga to bless her with that [?] dick
[?] I could spit
Venomous type cold like a ship
Hard [?] hungry vampire shit
Darkness, [?] in my blood [?] for the good
Say you real, nigga
Represent your damn hood
Don't be a coward, you know I devour, the game
The flame [?], like [?] pain
And bring the Phonk, like nigga I'm supposed to
Shoutout to the west coast and [?] OG Snoop
Tell me what you wanna do, Imma stay lowkey, be me
And I'm sipping [?]
Tryna get the sizzurp, let me know the wizard, 90's [?]
Like MJ when he play slow, for the wizards
Old ass niggas leave them bitter
Life's so sweet when the money bigger
Stacks get fat like a caterpillar
[?] to a butterfly [?] figures
The way I'll [?] to the sky nigga, stacking that money to the sky nigga
'Cause Imma fly nigga, yeah, bitch
So put it up
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