I never thought I could feel this way,
Bright lights dim
Life's not ok.
Words come out wrong
And get stuck up in cloudy skies
That weren't here before.
I fell asleep and they appeared,
And it's just my luck they're all the same.
And everything is wrong today
And everything is wrong, just like yesterday.
So take my eyes and pull them out
Cause I've lost sight of where I'm going.
I'm on the wrong side of this losing battle
Don't put up your white flags yet.
Give me one more chance to win
If things were like they were before.
Though, nothings like
5 years ago I screamed outloud
I told you so.
I breathed my last and only breathe
One thing I missed and couldn't catch.
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Just Like Yesterday Lyrics

Sonny – Just Like Yesterday Lyrics