Wanted to step out that night
I had to go explore this Cuban town
The moon was shining so bright
It lit the street to look like paradise

And then the light tunneled in
On a beautiful girl and her 50's Chevy
I couldn't take my eyes of this girl
Her natural music moved right to my vibe

I want you to stop
Come here baby
Closer to my groove
Let me visualize you girl
I want to get live in these streets
Take a midnight ride with me
Under love
Cause I just want to dance with you

She was so beautiful inside
In her eyes I've seen an angel in disguise
She took me all around her World
As she talks to me while lighting her cigar

It was so magical baby
Such a pretty girl to be right by my side
There's so much more to this story
Cause wherever you go it all goes back to love

We're floating through Havana
You give wings to my soul
Your love is
Like a revolution
And I can't let you go

They can all cut us off
But I will never
Never stop
Trading my love
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Cuban Nights Lyrics

Sonny – Cuban Nights Lyrics