I never seen a face like yours before
You pretty eye american thing
You know just what I'm looking for
Cause if I get you girl then that would mean more

Cross the ocean just to get to her
Tour the Atlantic stop in London for a drink yeah
I do this cause it's just what you deserve
And I just wanna take you away

Red eye to me girl
We can tour the world
Just can't get enough
Just let your difference take the lead tonight
Love International

I can look at you for hours like the sun
Cause your face is not as common round here
You think that I'm the foreign one
But it's you that's so exotic girl come on

Felt you kiss me with your natural tongue
Pisa tower ain't got nothing on me
I'm leaning cause I'm feeling her yeah
And I just wanna take you away

So hypothetically speaking where I'm from
You could be my princess and I could be your prince
Or your king
Whichever way you want it
But really though
We got Kings and Queens
And even The Little Mermaid
Oh no she is real
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Love International Lyrics

Sonny – Love International Lyrics