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Neck Break Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Neck Break Lyrics

[Hook x8]
I make 'em neck break, that's why they jock

[Verse 1]
I make 'em neck break, that's why they jock
And I make they boyfriends spend cake, so hoes pissed off
I make 'em make way in the parking lot
Got Chevy capris on 26's, that's hot
Two-two toned candy, yeah, you know your man be
Staring at Miss Snow and he asking can he have me
I make 'em neck break, that's why they jock
I make 'em neck break when the music stops (Damn!)
I make my own cake so he can't get rides
If he ain't got his hustle up and he ain't about that guap
I think I speak for all my girls when I say that if he broke
And he walk up trying to holler then oh yeah the answer's NO!
I work too damn hard to make my own cash
I got my own stash, and I'm 'bout my own stacks
Flip my own racks so I never ever catch-
Feelings, I just cash some dollars then I make 'em mad

[Hook x8]
I make 'em neck break, that's why they jock

[Verse 2]
I make your man neck break, go 'head and ask him 'bout it
Watch him rubberneckin' when I enter if you doubt it
Snowhite Tha Product, also known as the baddest
As I'm passing, asking, put him in a trance when I'm dancing
You hatin' cause I'm killing game
And I make money off that white girl like Billy Ray
Walk up in the middle of the club like yeah I know they feeling me
This been my hustle and girls is up in here flipping weight
(Heeey! Fuck that!)
Stepping in the scene, slim chick, shades on, and dressed in Louis V
And everybody wanna know whats up and who she be
Guess who haters?!
It's no one else but me, me, me
I, am, fresher than a lettuce, come check out the carats
I make them haters jealous
Walk up and they yelling cause they know I always wreck it
I get stages, it's amazing how I blaze it, and then break the mic

[Hook x8]
I make 'em neck break, that's why they jock
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