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Pretty Flacko (Remix) Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Pretty Flacko (Remix) Lyrics

Yo, I don't even know what to say
I guess, um...
I dont know.. what?
I'm back

Well if isn't that cute itty bitty mamacita
That hit hard like tequila
Got sick bars of that ether
Hot shit all off your meter
Yo' bitch fall off the seat
'Cause she ain't never witness no fresher
I'm overstuffin' my dresser
Miss Fine, the rapping Fran Drescher
And let me get up in it again 'cause I've been missing too long
I've been gone and I think they gettin' too comfortable
With these stupid little women who ain't really 'bout beef, you chicken soup
Surprise bitch! What's happening?
It's time and I'm back again
I'm writing, let me grab a pen
And let me get a little throw like a javelin
My pockets looking chubby, must be all them carbs
You would think that I bake, the way I be getting cake just like a boss
And I got these bitches lost, see none of them knew I'm coming back
And all of a sudden I'm coming and I got 'em running all from me I'm gunning and where the hell are they fucking at?
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