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We're Here Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – We're Here Lyrics

Snow Tha Product ain't gon' quit now what the fuck is up?
It's run up or shut up and I ain't shutting up
I am woke as hell, run up on the crunk and bust
Say no lies, bitch, I'll be right up front
I got about 75 Mexicans with me all saying 'What's up?'
If they don't open up the door we gon' run it in like 'Open up!'
Get a little friendly with the little chick
That's stomping like an elephant
If you think that I'm coming up without a warning
You are hella irrelevant
I'm woke, I'm game, I'm repping for my folks
If you ain't know, you lame, we knocking down your door
I've got that flow, insane, it's why they call me Snow
Because I'm dope, okay, and I'm coming in the game like 'Whoa'
It's a little chick from [?] but I'm grown
And I'm really 'bout to wake up
I don't let all my people [?]
Snow is blazing, so I started Woke, and really got my cake up
And I'm here lighting everybody's day up
Cause my kind of grind is the hardest to find
And I'm struggling to put my whole race up (Wake ya Game up!)

I got a whole lot of people down to represent
There's been too much anticipation we gon' make it in
And we all ready to go as soon as we count to ten
If you don't open up this door we 'bout to kick it in (Blah!) Hello!
We knocking down your door yelling (Blah!) Hello!
We knocking down your door yelling (Blah!) Hello!
I know you heard that change near
And I'm not sorry to inform you bu-bu-but we're here

Let's make it clear, step to the rear
I'm about to go set it off right here
Get too close and you might get seared
Talk too much and you might get speared
Like an Aztec but with the mini tank
Got no All-State but still mic wreck
I'm a Mac Truck, you a Corvet
Okay, let's play chicken, game set
Yeah, we see the future, we don't press rewind
Oh, you still on that? We strike Babylons
I'm on New York Times showing my head
And you could not get read
You so [?] you walk in
And I ain't playing around with you (Blah!)
You just speak of plaques, well let me speak of ranks
Cause we wide Woke got you down infected with the chicken pox
If you don't let us in, I bet we special locks
Yeah, we in your home, word to Goldilocks
We getting all your porous cause we taking over
Yeah, I'm Cynikal sucker, game over
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