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Wanderer Lyrics

Slug Christ – Wanderer Lyrics

[Intro: Slug Christ]
Slugger crucifixion today
You can't be my only one
You can be my something
But not my only one

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
She says Slugga Slugga I need to be your only one
I said baby gurl I love you that's why I can't do that
You know I be wanderin' across the map
You know I can't put you thru all that
Dont get me wrong, you beautiful, matter fact I like you girl
But I'mma wanderer
I won't stay here for too long
I love you but there is a reason I can't have you as my only one
I love you that's why I could never do that to you
Look you just gotta trust me

[Verse 2: Rich Po Slim]
Owe the bitch I'm breakin' broads
The only one, got my bottom one
And you pay her dick cuz I give her funds
Now it's to the point cuz I ain't fuckin' none
She and her pay for my time
Cuz my only one is too damn fine
So I tax a bitch like salad mane
You can't be only one, nah bitch
You can't be my only one

[Verse 3: Slug Christ]
She was something more than I could ever wanna know
But I sat and wondered
Which way the wind will blow
Which hoe is gonna blow
Why these fake hoes wanna act so damn faithful ?
It’s all extra sensory I’ll do my best to see I promise
I promise
I’ll pop my eyes out so I can feel a little more
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