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I'm The Ocean Lyrics

Slug Christ – I'm The Ocean Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
Maserati Party
Probly off the poppies
I done copped a shotty
I done fucked you shawty
Bleedin' cause I'm flossy
I done lived in lobbies
I done took it out and I put it in her body
Oh they want a Slugga but I won't touch no mortal
Goin' thru a portal shootin' waterguns I'm Squirtle
Double cup of purple
I'm a slow learner
I ain't trynna hurt nobody only trynna murder
I don't keep no clock on me cause I don't fuck with time
You can schedule all you wanna I'mma show up when it's right
I be Sluggin', I be Sluggin' you gon' have to wait in line
Ooh I can't talk to these people it's so stressful on my mind
I don't fuck with you
So put it in your two
Too glo'd up, I'm too glo'd up, I won't pull up on you
Is it a check for me inside you studio ?
I don't even know you
Why would I give you the juice?
Why ?
I got energy bleedin' out of me
Oh they want to parasite the Godly
I'm the ocean you can pollute me
But I'll always be there

[Verse 2]
Motherfuck these bitches I just do it for the check
So I can move out to an island
Where there don't be no damn body, weed is legal, Slugga Climbin'
Climbin' like a proto-human up there in the canopy
I'm makin' up religions off the mushrooms
Stars they talk to me
Don't you talk to me
I keep it in my pocket
I can pull it if you want it
You gon' have to jump out on it
I'mma spirit bomb you hol' up, hol' up, while I charge it
Give a fuck about the planet
Young and reckless
Goddamn it Slugga, Slugga man

I'm the ocean
I'm the ocean
A hunnid Gods and I'mma kill 'em all
I'm the ocean
I'm the ocean
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