You were so Shady
While I called you my Baby
Who'd knew you'd be that way
Everythings making me say
That I'm going Crazy
And that I thought
My life was over
But that has all changed
I'm through with your ways
And now I'm okay

I Don't want to hear
All the things you Say
Your love is all dark
And it's All Gray
Soon my love for you will Fade
I'm starting to get over you
So just keep that in your mind
Don't Push it aside
I'm doing just fine
I'm finally Happy
And you Hate That

So just go your own way
And I'll do mine
We won't cross eachothers paths
And that's just Fine
You plus me equals nothing
Just do the math
Now just go On

[Chorus Repeat]

You hate That
I'm just Fine
Now you're telling me be Mine
But let me say it Again
We're over my Friend
I'm Finally Happy
And you hate that

[Chorus Repeat x2]
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You Hate That Lyrics

Skylar Danelle – You Hate That Lyrics