Everythings turning cinamatic
When the Credits Roll
It's the Habit
To wish that would happen to Me
The kiss goodnight-the happy ending
For no trouble-that's a lie
Sometimes you have to Say Goodbye
It's too much trouble to Stay Ahead
Can't Sleep-Stuck In my Head

[B. Section]
But, we all know
It's a Script
Sometimes you Can't
Handle It

I don't wanna be
Just Like the Movies
When the Credits Roll
And we'd be all Happy
Cuz' we know
That's not how it ends
After the Credits Roll
It happens Again

As you sit in the movie theater
In the movie
He can't wait to see her
For their Last Dance
As she spends her time
Crying, she can't help It
But not to be ready
For True Love
Her friend says
Look at the Stars Above
She Gets up, strong and ready
To go see her Baby

[B. Section and chorus repeat]

They meet again
He takes her hand
As she tells him
He's her only Man
Their Final scene
They Kiss-their Dreams come true
The Crowd applauds
As the Screen Fades
Come Back to Reality

[Chorus and B. Section Repeat]
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Just Like The Movies Lyrics

Skylar Danelle – Just Like The Movies Lyrics