Since we were over
You forgot about me
About All we had
But I didn't forget
About that time we had
Secrets we Shared
There's Me
Thinking you actually cared
But I've been thinking
About those Things
You can't Forget

Don't Forget
Our First Kiss
Don't Forget
How you missed
Don't Forget
That I love you
Don't Forget
That You
Love me Too

Words I Said
Echoing through your mind
You can't forget It
Did you Forget?
That you weren't Kind
When it wasn't our Time
Our time to be together
But you forgot
I love You
But Now
Those Words
Don't Mean... A thing

[Chorus Repeat]

But that was in the Past
Never gonna look back
To all we had
Never gonna Fall
Fall in Love with you
But I still will
Cuz' I can't Forget
I can't Forget
About Us

Don't forget
How you held my Hand
How you told me
You'll be my man
Don't Forget
Our Song
That You'll
Never Sing Along
Cuz you Forgot
All the Words
Now I'll never be your Girl
I hope you
Don't Forget
Don't Forget About Me
Don't Forget It
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Don't Forget Lyrics

Skylar Danelle – Don't Forget Lyrics