In the end of world war two germans had built an special flying saucer
That was the one and only produced with seventy five meters in diameter
A volunter suicide crew of Germans and Japanese was chosen
Because was easier to send them without gear to return.

The craft had andromeda big tachyon drives
And was armed with four triple gun turrets
The crew was large, more than a hundred
Because the low level of automation inside
The flight to Mars departed from Germany
One month before the war ended.
The trip lasted eight long months
They landed in january, forty six

One-way trip
To mars
This was done
In nineteen forty five
The brave entrepreneurs
Was the germans
They losed the war
But not the space race
One-way trip
To mars
That was an achievement
For all humankind
Suicidal mission
Hope they survived
And built a nice base
To wait we get there
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One-way Trip To Mars Lyrics

Skull And Bones – One-way Trip To Mars Lyrics