The moon is not what they say
It has great caves.
Proof of this are the mascons,
That illogical distribution of gravity.
The moon has glass domes.
Probably left by ancient aliens.
And other structures,
That easily could be used.

Some say that the moon is really a big artificial satellite.
What we really know that is older than Earth.
In the middle of the war, Germans kept their space program.
Using a great flying saucer of Mieth and Schriever type.
It had about sixty meters in diameter, and forty five meters tall.
Since they landed, they started boring and tunelling under the moon.
And at the end of war they had a small base there.

There's a Nazi base on the moon.
They managed to survive and still are there.
There's a Nazi base on the moon.
And they defend our planet from bad aliens.

There you can find arcs, buildings and vegetation,
Cristal towers, ruins and water too.
From time to time, people find something in the pictures.
That were released by agencies like nasa.
They got people checking the pictures for strange things,
And got others to airbrush these.
Hope one day they end this policy of secrecy,
And all these things became known for mankind.
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Nazi Moon Base Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Nazi Moon Base Lyrics